Tracey's Market Update

As an editor of a financial newsletter and blog, Tracey Ryniec came to Vagus to help her increase her subscriber base and traffic to her website. Tracey’s Market Update was a labor of love – as a full-time lawyer, Tracey had been advising friends on investing for years, and her dream was to work full-time as a stock market advisor.

The challenge for Vagus: with all the financial talking heads on air and in print, what would be the best way to help Tracey cut through the clutter?

Vagus worked with Tracey to establish her as her own “brand,” distinct in the marketplace of stock market advisors, determine her target audience, and develop story angles with timely news hooks. To journalists, Vagus emphasized Tracey’s quick wit, her ability to explain difficult-to-understand issues in plain English, and most of all, her uncanny ability to consistently beat the market.


Reporters bit, and highlights included a radio appearance on WBBM-AM radio as the “Portfolio Doctor,” and a full-page article on investing in “Today’s Chicago Woman.”

For Tracey, the best reward was being recognized by a future employer for her financial acumen and writing ability. Impressed by her website as well as her appearance on WBBM, Tracey was hired by Zacks Investment Research as a full-time commentator. Tracey still continues to maintain Tracey’s Market Update for her longtime fans.

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