about us

What’s with the name

No, it’s not that place in Nevada (they spell it differently), but it is pronounced the same. One of the main, and arguably, most important nerves in your body is called the vagus. It is what connects your head with your heart. And that we believe is what the most effective pieces of communication accomplish.

Who we are

Vagus is a public relations and social media firm providing strategic solutions that appeal to both a consumer’s rational way of thinking and their emotional desire to act.

What we believe

Decisions are never purely rational, never simply emotional. It’s always a mixture of both. We believe the most effective way to gain a consumer’s loyalty and influence their intent is to show them something about a brand that appeals to both their head and their heart.

With this philosophy, our primary directive is to help our clients achieve their goals. Whether it’s trying to hit short term sales objectives or build long term brand awareness, we believe the only way to produce great work is to form close, open, honest relationships with our clients. In other words, we want to connect with their heads and hearts as well. We look to work as partners in the endeavor and find our most successful work gets done as a team.

Finally, we believe everyone involved should enjoy the process. We love what we do and hope the enthusiasm rubs off.

ideas that connect the head with the heart