The Streeter & Streeter Place, Golub & Company, LLC

Chicago-based Golub & Company and its affiliates are active nationally and internationally in real estate development, acquisitions, asset and property management, leasing and corporate real estate services. Since its founding nearly 50 years ago, the company has owned, leased or managed more than 40 million square feet of commercial and multifamily real estate properties valued in excess of $7 billion.


The Streeter and Streeter Place, owned by Golub & Co., are two of Chicago’s high-end luxury rental properties. Vagus was challenged with garnering press for these two rental buildings in a press environment dominated by condo stories and stories about buying; not necessarily renting. Vagus came up with several story angles that appealed to real estate editors, mainstream consumer writers and broadcast to generate awareness for the buildings.


  • Vagus created “What Inspires You Today?” at the Museum of Contemporary: To highlight its grand opening and showcase how Streeter Place is in the epicenter of a vibrant art community, guests were invited to help create a giant art wall with the theme “What Inspires You Today?” Each guest at the event received a mini-canvas and art materials supplied by Prismacolor to create their own artistic vision. The mini-canvases were displayed as a large work of community art at Streeter Place.
  • After only 9 months, both buildings were over 95% leased.

What Inspires You Today?

ideas that connect the head with the heart